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Adoption Procedure

    Please complete an adoption application in order to start the process. 

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    You can mail, FAX, or e-mail the application to Quixote Humane.

    A home visit and references are required prior to adoption.

    A visit with the dog prior to adoption may be scheduled after the home visit.

    If you have questions please call (505) 869-2397  

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Estimated Birthday April 10, 2008

Meet our Miracle Man, Dodger! Dodger is a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. This sweet boy is great with everyone, other dogs, cats and well behaved kids. He has the Jack Russell personality and loves to play with his foster fursiblings but is also very calm when you need him to be. He LOVES to snuggle! He has a perfect diamond on the back of his sweet little head and a mustache right behind his adorable tail!

Dodger hasn’t had the easiest life. He was a stray that ended up at the Valencia Shelter. He had a swollen face and a large lump on his side. He was rather lethargic and seemed uncomfortable. So Quixote Humane pulled him and got him directly to their vet. The swelling on his face turned out to be an infection from an abscessed tooth and the lump was a severe hernia. This poor kiddo would not have made it if he hadn’t gotten the hernia surgery when he did. The wonderful vets at Bosque Animal Clinic fixed the hernia and did a dental to remove the bad teeth and now this cutie is ready for his fur ever home! He is small and hefty litle fellow. Even though Dodger has had a hard life, he has the sweetest, most loving personality!

Please contact Quixote Humane and fill out an application if you are interested in Dodger joining your family!



Estimated Birthday November 19, 2011

This happy little girl just loves to play and chase the other dogs in her foster home. Based on her size and coloring, we think Duchess is possibly a German Shepherd x Rottweiler mix. She has striking black and tan with white point markings. She weighed 25 pounds at five months old.

She is very smart, she learned to sit on command within an hour. She walks on a leash when she knows her handler, is crate and housetrained. The foster home has several small dogs, two large dogs and a couple of cats, so she is learning to interact well with other pets.  She is going through formal obedience training and is very responsive and disciplined.

Duchess was rescued from the Valencia County Animal Shelter as a tiny two month old pup. She has been in her foster home since then so has not been neglected or abused. She will make a great medium sized companion for a home with an active family with a nice sized yard and well behaved children.

Duchess has had her full series of puppy shots, vaccinated for rabies, spayed and microchipped. She is currently on monthly  heartworm preventative.



Estimated Birthday: February 24, 2012

It was a tough time adjusting for this sweet boy. Skipper was found abandoned in a wire cage, with his little buddy Gilligan, on the side of the road in El Cerro Mission. Very underweight with a respiratory infection it took a couple of weeks for us see his full potential. What a lover boy!!!

He is still a little nervous, most likely he isn’t used to having a calm, quiet and warm home. But he is quickly getting used to attention and lots of high quality food.

In his photo, taken after two weeks in quarantine, he is a bit underweight at just a hair over six pounds. His healthy weight should be about seven pounds. Skipper is great with the other dogs in his foster home. He is learning to use the dog door and is crate trained. With a little time and attention he will be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Skipper is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped on heartworm preventative, and a sweetheart looking for a family that appreciates a small dog with a big heart and lots of love to give.  


Prince Charming Adoption in Process

Estimated Birthday January 28, 2007

Prince Charming is a very happy, sweet, energetic and playful boy. He is submissive to other dogs and often tries to initiate play with them. Because he is blind in one eye he does not have good depth perception and will accidentally nip fingers when given a treat and is easily startled if approached from his blind side.

Affectionate with his foster mom, also known as staff, Prince likes to meet strangers, but in keeping with his royal heritage has reservations about what he considers appropriate touching (gentle rear end grooming is OK but not invited). Prince would do best with an experienced dog owner and would appreciate a family that can share quiet times together.



Estimated Birthday January 11, 2008

Darling Dolly is a sweet, middle aged girl with an easy going temperament. She weighs about ten pounds and has good, solid bones and a lovely attitude; calm, quiet and easy to handle. But, she also loves car rides and has been running a homemade agility course with the children in the foster home! She will make a wonderful lapdog for an elderly home or a family with school age children. Dolly enjoys her foster mom and children but is not enamored with the foster dad who prefers the English Bulldog puppy house mate. 

Dolly will appreciate someone who wants to go on walks in the park and share a cosy sofa with a blanket and a cuddle. After a hard life of multiple litters of puppies and a lack of basic care, Dolly deserves a home with a family that wants to share a peaceful and quiet life together. Her previous owners didn’t bother to have her HUGE hernia repaired, so our sweet Dolly appreciates the  comfort of a loving home and enjoying a decent meal.

Dolly has been spayed and her hernia repaired, had a dental, is vaccinated, microchipped and on monthly heartworm preventative.


Calista Adoption in Process

Estimated Birthday April 14, 2012

Calista has a long, elegant neck and lovely tulip ears. Her coat is black with flecks of pale tan above her eyes and on the edges along her mask and legs. Her legs, tip of her tail and chest, with several spots of black, are bright white. She has a sturdy build so will be able to keep up on walks with her solid legs. current weight is just over eight pounds. 

A bit timid with strangers on first meeting, but she is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She gives the sweetest little kisses. She used to roll on her back in submission, but she now will stand on her hind legs if you pat your leg to pick her up. She is crate trained, uses a dog door, gets along well with the other foster dogs and is quiet. Because she is a bit timid we feel she would be best suited in a home without young children or in a mature home without a lot of noise and activity. Calista watches intently for your signals of what you want her to do. She desperately wants to please.

Calista has been spayed, is current on rabies vaccination, core preventative shots, tested negative for three tick bourne diseases, heartworm, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped. 


Prairie Flower ADOPTED! 12/28/2014

Estimated Birthday January 1, 2013

Prairie Flower is a rambunctious little girl who is brave beyond her size! She weighed just over two pounds on April second, so still has some room to grow. She is an adventurous little gal who loves to play outside but is ready to snooze in your lap when she is worn out. She also like to be chased by her foster siblings and is faster than anyone running along the railroad ties in the yard.

She will be best suited to a home with calm school aged children because of her small size. Prairie Flower is in a foster home with two larger, but very quiet dogs. We require a home visit to make sure the fencing is secure for a tiny dog and like to meet the two and four legged family members to see if she will be a good fit in the home.

She has her puppy shots, is spayed, microchipped and one year rabies vaccination. Prairie Flower and her sister, Meadow Flower, were purchased from a backyard breeder. Our foster home did not want to see them go to homes that are not appropriate for these little girls. They do not have to be adopted together, but that would be sweet. 

Pretty Penny

Estimated Birthday March 9, 2010

On a blustery day in March this little dog was seen marching determinedly down a street in Bosque Farms. She was obviously lost and looking for someone or something familiar. Much to her consternation, a large dog was following her when her good Samaritans saw her on the street. It took a bit of coaxing and then throwing a coat over her to scoop her up and get her into their car.

Her lovely face and sunlit coat gave Pretty Penny her name. She has settled into her foster home with several other large and small dogs, cats and gets along well with men and women. She is a sweet gal that prefers to give preference to one person but will cuddle with those who are as quiet and calm as she. Penny weighs just under nine pounds and is about four years old. We think she will do best in a mature family without young children or a lot of activity.

Pretty Penny has been spayed, vaccinated to prevent core diseases, rabies and kennel cough. She has also been tested negative for three tick borne diseases and heartworm. She is on monthly heartworm preventative and has been microchipped. 





Estimated Birthday November 3, 2012

Colorado came to us from a litter of four puppies taken to the Valencia County shelter. The owner has released over a dozen Chihuahuas to the shelter in the past. He doesn’t speak English so the best the shelter staff could do is ask their age and he held up four fingers. They assumed it meant they were four weeks old. However, he could have meant there were four puppies.

Colorado weighed just under three pounds on January 1st last year and just under four pounds on January 15th. He weighs about 12 pounds now. Not quite what we anticipated . . .

He is a light fawn color with tiny slip of white on his forehead and dainty white socks. He has sturdy bone in his legs so should do well with school aged children and larger, social dogs. He is a bit timid so needs a quiet home that can give him a lot of one-on-one attention until he feels safe. He is not a fear biter, just wary of people. As the largest dog in his foster home he has become dominate, however, he loves playing tag and keep away with the more active dogs. We think that someone with a desire for a dog that can keep up like a big dog, but is “suitcase size” for traveling and a smaller size home and yard, can turn this boy into an incredible companion. Colorado is not nippy, instead is compliant when held, groomed and fed. A foster-to-adopt home that can help him transition and gain confidence would be welcome. 

Colorado is neutered, had a full series of puppy shots, vaccinated to prevent rabies, microchipped and on heartworm preventative.

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