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Adoption Procedure

    Please complete an adoption application in order to start the process. 

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    You can mail, FAX, or e-mail the application to Quixote Humane.

    A home visit and references are required prior to adoption.

    A visit with the dog prior to adoption may be scheduled after the home visit.

    If you have questions please call (505) 869-2397  

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Samuel Adams

Estimated Birthday: April 14 2012

Sammy  was one of our success stories in 2014, but after more than a year, the other dogs in the family never really accepted him, and his adopters had to return him to Quixote Humane, as required by our adoption agreements.

An unbelievably attentive and agile little guy that adores people, Samuel Adams “Sammy” is an incredible Miniature Pinscher mix with natural ears and tail.  At just under 9 pounds this sweet guy will climb a ten foot wire fence - not to get away but to get to you! He is fabulous with the other foster dogs, but prefers the company of people; men, women, and children. His sleek coat is low maintenance, his size is super portable and his attitude is endearing.

Because he is athletic and has high energy he will do best in an active home. He wants so much to please he should do well in obedience and possibly agility course work. Besides that he is just plain adorable! He will only be placed in a home with high, solid walls like wood, adobe or cinder block.

Sammy has been neutered, microchipped, is current on vaccinations, given a dental, on heartworm preventative and uses a dog door. This little boy is five star rated as a companion by his foster family.


Scout ADOPTED! 03/26/2016

Estimated Birthday January 15, 2008

Scout was one of our success stories in 2010, but because of family issues, his adopters had to return him to Quixote Humane, as required by our adoption agreements.

A truck driver spotted this little seven pound fellow hitchhiking on a road south of Taos. The driver went door to door in the area he found him, but no one knew who his owners were. The local shelter didn’t have a report of a matching lost dog so we finally had him neutered and microchipped (so he can be identified if he gets lost again). Now he's available for adoption again.

Scout is a clown prince among Chihuahuas. With a twinkling eye and a joyous prance, he makes people forget their worries. Equally comfortable hiking or lying around, Scout enjoys the company of children, other dogs, cats, and ferrets. He shies away from strangers at first, then comes up for love and attention, never showing any signs of aggression. He loves kisses and snuggles, rawhides, and soft toys. He is very intelligent – house, leash, and crate trained, and not afraid of heights at all.

He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, on heart worm preventitive and had a dental 1 February, 2016.

Guess he is ready to settle down in a loving home.



Estimated Birthday: February 24, 2012

It was a tough time adjusting for this sweet boy. Skipper was found abandoned in a wire cage, with his little buddy Gilligan, on the side of the road in El Cerro Mission. Very underweight with a respiratory infection it took a couple of weeks for us see his full potential. What a lover boy!!!

He was a little nervous, most likely he wasn’t used to having a calm, quiet and warm home. But he is quickly getting used to attention and lots of high quality food. He weighed just over six pounds when we rescued him, but now is at a good weight of seven pounds.

Skipper gets along with the other dogs in his foster home, but can be a bit resource guarding of his food bowl. He is piddle pad and crate trained, knows how to use the dog door when it is available to him. And craves attention, but is content to burrow into his blankets. He will be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Skipper is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, on heartworm preventative, and has had a dental. A sweetheart looking for a family that appreciates a small dog with a big heart and lots of love to give.  


Captain ADOPTED! 11/20/2015


Captain was one of our success stories in 2010, but because of family issues, his adopters had to return him to Quixote Humane, as required by our adoption agreements.

Captain was a rescue transfer from an overcrowded shelter in southern New Mexico. We took several dogs at high risk for euthanasia that day. Most only needed basic medical care and a little more time in a foster home and they will be ready for new families.

Captain needs more than just a little time.Born with deformed front legs; the right is a tiny stub clamped close to his body, the left is a bit longer and has a partial paw with pads. Since he was born with his disability, he has learned how to get around pretty well. He can jump up on the couch, balances on his haunches and sometimes walks on his hind legs. Captain can scoot around quickly for short sprints; however, long walks are out of the question. He is a great lap dog and loves attention. Since he is a loving dog, we would like to give him the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.


He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and on heart worm preventitive.


Jiminy Cricket ADOPTED! 11/20/2015

Birthday approx May 28, 2003.

Jiminy was another success story in 2008, but because of family issues, his adopters had to return him to Quixote Humane, as required by our adoption agreements.

This scruffy faced little guy was confiscated from his owner for neglect. Very thin, covered in fleas and ticks, and full of worms, he was released to our rescue to see if we could help with those issues. He also has a deformity in his back legs that make him walk like a crab - apparently due to a problem with his patellas and attached tendons. But he's a friendly little guy that gets around just great.

Jiminy Cricket is a precious little five pound boy that deserves a home that will give him the love and care he missed out on in the first five years of his life. He has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and on heart worm preventitive.

Angel ADOPTED! 06/20/2015

Estimated Birthday May, 2010

Angel is approximately 5 years old and we believe this is not her only litter of puppies, probably producing at least one litter every year. She appears to be shy but she is not. She has a very mellow, quiet and accepting nature. She melded quickly into the pack at her foster home, including three cats. So far there have been no accidents in the house so she may be considered house broken. She is a climber having claimed a wire fence so will require a solid wall enclosure.

Given the sale of her and her puppies at the Bosque Farms flea market it is likely she did not have a great deal of one-on-one affection but she surely loves it now. The “gentleman” selling them speaks only Spanish and we are only able to translate a few words. We were lucky to get her into a safe place looking for a great home.

Not sure what breed mix but appears to be Yorkie or Bichon mixed with who knows what. Her puppies all have VERY curly coats so daddy is probably Poodle.

She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and loved now.

Angel's Puppies

Faith ADOPTED! 09/14/2015

Estimated Birthday March 7, 2015

This darling little girl is a fuzzy twin with a zest for life. She is energetic and kissy. Very kissy. After breakfast and dinner they wash each others faces.  Faith is a heavily curly blonde with a hint of white on her toes.

She is the daughter of Angel who was in the back of a pickup truck at the Bosque Farms flea market parking lot. Planning and zoning has ordinances to prohibit animal sales there. We were able to save mom and all four pups to insure they go to good homes.

She has her puppy shots, will be spayed and microchipped. 

Angel's Puppies

Charity ADOPTED! 09/14/2015

Estimated Birthday March 7, 2015

Charity is the sister of Hope, Faith and Patience, daughter of Angel. We don’t know  what mom is, but daddy must be a Poodle. Lots of curly coat. Lots of energy and fun. She and her sister Patience, in a foster home together, play hard like healthy, well-adusted puppies should.

She, like her mother Angel, are adept at climbing wire fencing, so a solid block wall will be required. She is in a home with several dogs and cats and gets along well with all of them. Since she is so small, we require children be five years or older. 

We require an application and home visit to assure a permanent and safe placement for our sweet baby girl.

She will be vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

Angel's Puppies

Patience ADOPTED! 09/11/2015

Estimated Birthday March 7, 2015

Patience was protective with her little sister at first, putting herself between strange hands and her sweet sister Charity in their foster home. She acts like the “big sister”and bosses Charity around. (Which I did with my little sister). Patience has the same great personality with people as her sisters - curious and energetic. While she stands out in the litter in appearance, she has the sweet nature of her mom and sisters. A super sweet little black girl with white toes and chest. Best guess is that she is mix of some kind of terrier (see photo of her mom Angel) and daddy must have been mostly Poodle.

She will be vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.

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